Oh La La Glamour Girls
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Honey - Summer Dressing
Honey - Summer Dressing
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Jo May - Exquisite
She slinked into the room, her slip hanging a little lower than it should, but it didn't seem to matter to Dave. His jaw driopped and he muttered something inaudible. "Pardon?" said Jo May politely "Did you speak?" she added. "Er oh er yes I just said i thought you looked exquisite" whispered Dave in a croaky voice. "Awwwwww how sweet of you to say so. Hope you fans feel the same" she added "My fans? I should say your fans" he replied .
Absolutely. Exquisite she is.


Becky - Seductively Red
"Hi Becky" said Dave as he greeted her up the old country lane. "Nice day don't you think?" he added. "Oh super" she replied in her posh voice. "You remind me of one of those romantic books" he laughed as he continued. "Now what are you on about/" she replied rolling her eyes. "Seductively read - seductively RED. See the connection?" he laughed. "you're nuts" she replied with a resigned shrug. "And crackers" she added "See the connection?" she countered cleverly. Touche!!!


Fran - A Classy Bird.
There's one thing that always shines through with Fran. Class! Some girls have it - some girls don't but she just oozes it, like many of the Oh La La cuties. She donned this silky tight dress and tan stockings - a perfect match to go with her lovely choice of undies. The way she moves, the way she looks, the way she flirts. I just have to say she is one Classy Bird.



Sophie - A Windy Day
Poor Sophie. She had arranged a meeting with an old friend, out in the country where they used to play when they were kids. But the wind suddenly got up. Now it was a lovely summer day but as soon as that wind started to howl it was more like autumn. She waited patiently for her friend to come but I think she had been put off be the breezy conditions. But what a pretty sight we got. It certainly wasn't just the wind that got up as her skirt was blown sky high, exposing her briefs in the process. Well you know what they say, it's an ill wind that brings no good. True.


Jasmine - The Inventory.
This is the video taken when Jasmine did her Inventory set for the Tales site. Up and down the bench she clambered, rummaged underneath and generally spent more time trying to keep her skirt down than counting inventory items. Not that we mind, Jasmine is a sight to please even the most discerning of men and always has the pleasure of her admirers in mind at all times, which is why she is never caught without stockings and suspenders. Good on yer Jasmine.


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