Oh La La Glamour Girls
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Jennifer - Called To The Bar
"Pour us a drink then" shouted Dave as he entered the bar room at Jennifers place. "Blimey, you don't waste any time do you" she replied "I'm hardly ready" she added. "Sorry sweetie" replied Dave "I'm really thirsty. It's been a long drive and much as I am eager to get you on film, you wouldn't want me to expire from dehydration would you?" "Is that a question?" she laughed, then continued "Come on get a beer down you and lets get on. I have a busy schedule and while I realise your Oh La La fans are gagging for another sequence I have my duties to attend to" she concluded. "And what might they be then?" smiled Dave "Stick around and you'll see" she replied. The result is stunning I assure you all.


Donna - Last Orders
"Aaaaah you are here at last then" said Donna in a mocking tone "Oh I'm afraid i got held up but never mind I'm here now so what have you got in store for us?" asked Dave "Well I have had a drink or two, and it's last orders now so maybe if you get your hand in your pocket you will get a bit more than you expected" she giggled
"Hmmmmm.......I'm not sure what you mean by that but the drinks are on me" replied Dave. Donna wasted no time and was revealing what we all love to see in no time. Sweet talker Dave got the result we all wanted again. Lets hope it's not last orders on Donna..........no chance methinks.


Shelley - Springtime
A sunny day in May in the East Midlands countryside is a site to behold. But when a stunner like Shelley happens along the way, and is in the mood for a little flashing then it becomes something special. This long legged beauty from Yorkshire had come down to see what Oh La La was all about and soon got into the swing of things. Her choice of tan stockings, white knickers and a lovely summery dress was just about perfect. We certainly think so and hope you all agree.


Donna Marie - Radiant
Donna Marie grabbed hold of the Spanish guitar and declared she would one day learn to play it. "Ah - you look so radiant today " said Dave "I'm sure you wouldn't have any trouble getting someone to teach you" he added. "Maybe" she replied "But in the meantime I may as well stick to what I'm good at. Radiant indeed. I thought people only said that when a girl was pregnant" she laughed "No no" she continued "No way. I'm too young and too sensible. Now stop embarrassing me and get filming" she ordered. Who was Dave to decline.


Rachel - Pin Up
This is the recording of the time when Rachel had her skirt pinned up but we never got the footage of it. What we did get was some great images of her trying out a few acrobatics , while still wearing her pleated skirt and underslip. Tight white knickers that cling to one of the shapliest bottoms on the net. It all makes for a brilliant sequence and Dave has our utmost thanks for being there to record it. Where else would he be lat's face it. Enjoy guys...............


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