Oh La La Glamour Girls
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Ellie - Oh Those Legs
Ellie - Oh Those Legs
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Nina - Delightful
"Oh how delightful" remarked Dave "such lovely colours" he added "I always aim to please at all times "smiled Nina cutely "I was brought up to be proud of my femininity and try to leave no one in doubt about it" she added. Dave was scratching his head. Quite what she meant he wasn't sure. "You look puzzled" commented Nina. "Well I was referring to the baubles on the Christmas tree" explained Dave. Nina burst into laughter "I thought you were commenting on my choice of underwear" she said. "As if I would be looking up your skirt" he winked. "I think we'll just press on" said Nina. What a good idea............


Tanya - Music Nut
What a pretty picture was to be seen , Tanya, sitting on the floor perusing what music was on offer and becoming increasingly reckless with her skirt as the stockings, suspenders and knickers became more and more on display."Bit of a music nut then are you Tanya?" enquired Dave "I suppose so. A bit of a nut in general really" she laughed "Bit of a stockings nut are you Dave" she she giggled cheekily "Now then saucy" he replied "That's for me to know" he added "well judging by the glint in your eyes I'm right" she countered "No comment" said Dave.


Jessica - After The Golf Lesson
Jessica had just completed her little golf lesson when Dave happened along the way. She was frantically trying to perfect her swing, rather unsuccessfully it has to be said, and decided enough was enough, and that it was time for a bit of what the boys like to see. How terribly thoughtful of her. After all there is nothing we like better than a flared skirt and a frilly petticoat to brighten our day. And Jessica fits the bill perfectly with those lovely slim legs. If she wants a few more lessons......................


Debbie - Naughty Shorty
Lancashire lass Debbie greeted Dave while relaxing reading her Mac magazine, being a bit of a fanatic. "Aha, a naughty shorty" he commented with a cackle, as is his custom. "I beg your pardon" snapped Debbie "Are you always so familiar? I mean I only just met you" she added as she stood up. "Oh dear" said dave sheepishly "I wasn't referring to your lack of inches" he continued "Merely commenting on that lovely little gingham number you're wearing" he explained. "Well typical of me to get the wrong end of the stick" she replied with a grin "I'd better make amends by living up to your observation" she giggled as her skirt inched above her stocking tops. "Perfect" sighed Dave...............


Kelly - Auntie's Choice
"Oh nice choice" said Dave gleefully as he eyed Kelly's frills. not mine, Auntie's" she replied "Auntie's?" enquired Dave. "Yep, Auntie's." she confirmed "I told my Aunt I was doing a shoot for you today, and that it was a fifties /sixties theme. She suggested these clothes so here we are" she said, raising her skirt slightly. "Good old Auntie, that's what I say" smiled Dave predictably. We agree wholeheartedly.........


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