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Honey - Summer Dressing
Honey - Summer Dressing
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Candice - Simply Delicious
"Yum, yum - Simply Delicious" exclaimed Dave, his eyes rolling around, licking his lips like the cat who got the cream. "Had a nice lunch then Dave did you?" asked sweet Candice innocently. "Well............er.............yes I suppose I did but........er..........." he stuttered. "Er what?" she asked, very politely. "I was actually referring to your...........er.............underthings" he replied, strangely embarrassed. "Underthings?" she laughed "I never heard them called that in my life" she added "I call them knickers" she continued brazenly. "Well as it's your first time I didn't want to sound too forward, but I couldn't help mentioning them. They are truly lovely" he explained. "Yeah, nice aren't they?" she smiled. She is simply delicious all over.


Jenna & Sarah - Double Trouble
A sunny day. A couple of cuties wearing stockings, looning around recklessly and not seeming to care who was looking and Dave with camera in hand. Perfect..........or so it would seem. So why Double Trouble I hear you ask. Well everything was going swimmingly. The skirts were flying, nice undies, cracking legs, high heels but suddenly what sounded like a motor cycle running out of petrol came pop-popping round the bend. Sat astride it was the land owner, and he was OK with the filming but wanted Dave to up roots and move down the track a little as he was about to do some work, mentioning something about ground nesting birds. The trouble was by the time they arrived at the new site his battery had run out and he didn't bring his replacement. Doubly annoying when you have two cuties to film. Ah well, there'll be another day......................


Susan - Wonder Legs
New girl Susan on her first mission for Oh La La was keen to get started. She is a local East Midlands girl and hadn't had far to travel. She showed Dave what she had brought to wear and they agreed on a floaty, frilly sort of skirt that all the girls seem to be wearing these days. "The stockings will be a nice contrast against the white skirt" he remarked. "should be about knee length " he thought so will be perfect. He had decided to do some low angle shots and was surprised to see the stocking tops showing already. "Wow - Wonder Legs!" he blurted out. "Wonder legs?" she enquired, somewhat surprised "They're not that good" she laughed. "Well I disagree" replied Dave "But that's not what I meant" he added "well what DID you mean then?" she asked. "Well they're so long it's a wonder I can see the top of them from here" he quipped. Typical.


Rose - A Leafy Glade
"Aaaaah A Leafy Glade" sighed Dave as Rose leaned against a fallen tree trunk, looking very promising in her old fashioned summery outfit with a frilly petticoat clearly visible below the hem. "Sounds like the name of one of those posh poems from the olden days" giggled Rose, clearly in leg pulling mood. "It does a little doesn't it but I just thought it captured the moment" replied Dave. "seems like a nice secluded spot to give some air to my legs anyway" continued Rose "What a splendid idea" smiled Dave. "Cor blimey" exclaimed Rose "Keats will come round the corner in a moment" she laughed. "Now now. That'll do" snapped Dave playfully "On with the show" Rose duly obliged - in great style.


Sophia - Time For Tea
"Time For Tea?" asked Sophia sweetly "Well I was hoping we could get cracking" replied Dave, adding"I am rather busy today" "Oh come on. Don't be an old grouch. I always thought you were the architypal Englishman and an Englishman can always find time for a cup of tea" she replied. "Very true my dear. Never let it be said I wasn't true to our national heritage. If it helps you be less coy when it comes to revealing those stocking and undies then I'm all for it" he cackled. "Well some things never change do they" she sighed, shaking her head. "Very true" agreed Dave with a wink. Don't ever change Dave, or you Sophia. Phwoooar!!


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