Oh La La Glamour Girls
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Ellie - Oh Those Legs
Ellie - Oh Those Legs
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Paige - Cornered
"Ha!! I got you cornered now Paige" laughed Dave, in his usual jaunty mood. "Cornered? What are you on about?" she retorted, a little bemused. "Oh don't take it seriously. It's just a play on words, you know, you're up the corner, I'm here and.......oh it doesn't matter" he muttered. "You know I really think you ought to be taking more water with it Dave." she giggled, thinking about play on words etc. "Hmmmmmm. far too clever for a girl as beautiful as yourself you are" he replied. "Awww, you say the nicest things sometimes" she smiled. Well.....she is lovely isn't she?


Holly - Sun Seeker
It was a warm sunny day up in the East Midlands when Holly came for her debut shoot for Oh La La. She is a sun worsipper and was eager to get some rays on her skin but Dave was beckoning her towrds the woods. "Oh come on. We don't get enough sun in this country as it is, why on Earth do you want to be in the shade?" she protested. dave succumbed and was rewarded with some very lovely, if a little naughty, sequences of leggy Holly.


Lara-Lee - Welsh Rarebit
Dave had took a rare trip down to Caerphilly, in Wales, to meet the captivating Lara-Lee with a view to a few sets to further the cause. Well after a few trial runs he had become totally spell bound. "You certainly are a rarity these days Lara-Lee" he remarked. "In what way am I a rarity Dave?" she asked. "A Welsh girl, as fresh as the mountain air, wearing fully fashioned stockings and suspenders, that certainly isn't an everyday sight down these parts" he replied, his eyes full of wonderment. "You could say you are a bit of a Welsh Rarebit" he continued with a lecherous little cakle. "I thought that was cheese on toast" she laughed. "Not in this cafe" he replied. "I think we'll leave it there" she smiled "before you get carried away".


Karen - Fluttering By
Karen was having trouble with her suspensory equipment as she wandered along the old footpath, just down the road from where she lived. "Darned things these suspenders" she complained as another one snapped undone. Just at that moment a butterfly flew by. Dave, in lyrical mood uttered "Ah flutter by little butterfly" as it disappeared into the distance. "It would be handy if you could flutter over here and help me secure these flipping suspenders." she snapped. "Ok don't get your knickers in a twist" he replied, and was there like a shot to help the poor maiden in distress. "There we are" he grinned triumphantly . "Thanks. Now you can flutter off" she laughed. "Huh. Some thanks I get" he moaned, but she was only playing, and soon had Daves heart a-fluttering. Tsk...........


Kira - Little Teaser
"Ooh I love a good book" said Kira as she relaxed on the sofa, sitting in rather reckless fashion considering what she was wearing. "You are a little teaser you know" exclaimed Dave "Can't think what you mean" she grinned, her eyes not straying from what was obviously a good read. "OK I won't say any more nut if you are in such a flirty mood you may as well stand up and give the boys a really good show" suggested Dave. No sooner had he finished talking than she was up and tucking her dress up over her waist. "Thought you'd never ask" she giggled. "You obviously don't know me" he grinned. How true.....


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