Oh La La Glamour Girls
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Samantha Alexandra - Tall & Tender
Samantha Alexandra - Tall & Tender
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Natalie - Guitar Lessons
Natalie had arranged guitar lessons with a Spanish bloke called Juan she met during a photo shoot one day. She had already had a couple of lessons and had done her homework well. This was her third lesson and she was showing Juan what she had learned that week. It wasn't all she was showing though and Juan was becoming more interested in her undewear than her musical prowess.


Alexandra - Elegance & Charm
A study in Elegance and Charm is what this sequence is all about. Alexandra's Grandmother probably wouldn't agree but she oozes those qualities as she adjusts the suspenders on her luscious legs and the panties on her shapely bottom. Her lovely smile shines throughout as she smooths those stockings up her legs before straightening her knickers out in full uninterrupted view of the camera. Lovely.


Vicky - Early Bird
Dave was having a well earned lie in after a late night working. Vicky was due at around 10.30 and Dave was to pick her up from the station. He was however rudely awoken by the telephone - at 8.15. "Hi Dave - I'm here" announced Vicky chirpilly "What do you mean you're here? Where?" he retorted grumpily "At the station of course. Come and pick me up and stop being an old grump" she giggled "Grooooooogh" Dave moaned "give me ten minutes to have a quick shower and I'll come and pick you up then." he croaked "How come you're here so early? You were supposed to arrive on the 10.30" he queried . "I woke early and thought I'd surprise you" she chuckled "See you in 20" and hung up. "Vicky the Early Bird" he muttered to himself as he rolled out of bed. "doesn't sound right somehow" he grumbled.


Gemma - Wine Lover
Now young Gemma, the curvaceous Essex girl with the winning smile, likes a drop of wine or two. Don't we all I hear you say. Well maybe we do indeed but Gemma becomes a different girl after after a couple of glasses. And not in a bad way either. It's just that she can appear to be a little distant at first but when the old vino has taken effect, the skirts are up like a shot. Just what you all want to hear I'm sure so why particularly do I single her out as a wine lover. Not her, fellas, it's me who's the wine lover. Anything that can make a girl lose her inhibitions in such a way is good news as far as I am concerned. I await your approval.


Nikki - Men Do Make Passes
"What's up Nikki?" enquired Dave as she seemed a little irritable. "Oh it's been a bit of a funny day at the office" she replied, still wearing her work clothes "I lost my contact lenses and had to wear these old glasses. The blokes in the office never stopped looking at me. Must have been having a right laugh at my expense" she added. "Ah that's where you are wrong." replied Dave "Put a pair of bins on a girl and there's something sexy about it straight away" he explained "You know, the secretary thing, come and sit on my knee Miss Jones" he laughed "Point taken. I did get a few winks as I left tonight" she smiled. Proof enough that men do make passes at girls in glasses.


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