Oh La La Glamour Girls
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Ellie - Oh Those Legs
Ellie - Oh Those Legs
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Zoe - Neat & Tidy
"It's a competitive world in the temping game so you have to be neat and tidy. It makes a better impression on your boss" said Zoe when Dave came to visit. "And gives you a better chance of more work in the future" she added. "Well you certainly look neat and tidy yourself" replied Dave "but the office is a bit grim" he observed. "Aha but don't I make up for it with my "Neat & Tidy" appearance" she retorted with a wink. "No question about it" he replied "black and white contasts perfectly" he added with a grin. "well we know which colour you are most interested in don't we" she laughed "No comment" said Dave.


Brooke - Garter Girl
A marvellous outfit in the bedroom and a gorgeous girl like Brooke is all a man needs to perk him up when he is down in the dumps. But then who could ever be down in the company of such a doll. Dave certainly wasn't as he captured her giving her all for the cause. Her lovely dress is raised frequently as she delights in revealing those equally lovely undies and the crowning glory, matching her suspender belt, was a frilly garter. That's why she is known as Dave's "Garter Girl". As far as we are concerned Dave you can call her what you want. We are all stunned by her beauty, but we did take a peek at her undies, stockings, suspenders............................................enough said.


Charlie - Nature Walk
Talking of beauty, they don't come any better than Charlie. She is a bit of an enigma our Charlie. Sometimes you just think of her as a party animal 'cos she does love a bit of the old falling down water from time to time, and has often turned up for a shoot on the back of an all nighter. So it comes as a bit of a surprise when she suggests a "Nature Walk". Well it was a lovely day and the birds were whistling away as they entered the woods. Dave decided to join in with the whistles, much to Charlie's amusement. "You get worse" she exclaimed "Well it's only natural" he replied. She's right. He does get worse (thank goodness he he).


Iryna - Sexecutive
When Dave walked into the office marked "Chief Executive" he was somewhat bemused. "I thought you were a secretary not an executive" he remarked "just shows how wrong you can be" she replied "anyway check the spelling" she laughed , pointing towards the sign. "Aaaaaaah I see. Sexecutive. Now that's different." he remarked coolly. "Well consider my position. I am a glamour model and I run my own lingerie business, what could be more appropriate?" she asked. "Agreed" replied Dave, for once lost for words. Maybe he was concentrating on her lovely sheer undies. Can't blame him for that can we?


Samantha - Just A Sec
"So what's your position here then?" asked Dave as Samantha was checking out her stockings in the back office. "Just a sec" she replied, in rather a matter of fact tone. Dave carried on with the job before running out of patience and asking her again. "Are you gonna tell me then?" "Tell you what?" she replied "What your job is of course" he snapped. "I already told you" she replied "No you didn't you told me to wait a sec" he continued "Oh you old nutter" she laughed "I'm just a secretary. That's what I mean't" "Give me strength" sighed Dave under his breath. Bless him.


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