Oh La La Glamour Girls
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Amy - The White Place
Amy - The White Place
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Lolly - Hi Pinky
“Hi Pinky” laughed Dave as he arrived for this latest test of his character, i.e. his ability to show restraint. “Pinky? What’s that all about?” smiled Lolly, beaming as she usually is. “Oh it’s just something we always said. It was a popular nickname for anyone called Pinkerton back in my day” he explained. “And quite when was your day then Dave” she giggled in reply. “I’m just about to have it” he replied with a quickness of wit rarely shown these days. “You old dog” she smiled “You just keep yer distance” She could here a muffled cackle...


Paige - Miss Pretty Pins
Talking of nicknames, Dave gave Paige this handle the very first time he clapped his considerably experienced eyes on those wonderful limbs of hers. They are femininity personified and clad in black stockings and suspenders, disappearing into a very brief and tight pair of lemon panties, they are a sight to behold. And we shall do just that, with great relish...


Taylor - That Time Of Day
”Ah...That Time Of Day” sighed Taylor as she relaxed with a book on the sofa. Explaining herself, “I arrive home and the first thing I do is pour a drink and take a book, sit myself down and relax. It works wonders” she added. “Hmm just like the sight of your stocking tops when you cross your legs like that” Dave cackled. “I might have known you’d say that . I realised I was being a bit reckless” she giggled. “Please don’t stop” he replied lecherously. Thankfully she doesn’t...


Kate Brox - Provocation
Perched on a stool, legs crossed, skirt up, undies shown, Kate is the epitome of sexiness. “Pure provocation” remarked Dave. “Get used to it. It’s my trademark” she replied. "Enough said", thought Dave.


Jasmine Lau - Black & White Show
“Reminds me of the sixties” exclaimed Dave, eyeing up Jasmine’s contrasting choice of clothing, strictly black & white right down to the ......er......knickers. “What do you mean by that?” she replied, somewhat puzzled “The Black & White Minstrel Show” he announced with a smile. “Whaaaaat?” she bellowed. “Oh don’t take any notice, it was an old show back in those days” he explained. “I won’t” she replied. Nice show though Jasmine, 60’s or not...


Nancy - The Leather Look
Sneaking into Nancy’s boudoir, we find her in the most unlikely clothing you would expect. The Leather Look is certainly a new style for Oh La La but all the more welcome. Nancy is her usual sexy self of course, but then, I forget, this is her debut on film. Enjoy...


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