Oh La La Glamour Girls
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Samantha Alexandra - Tall & Tender
Samantha Alexandra - Tall & Tender
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Louisa - House Sitter
Invited down for a weekend of test shoots, Louisa found herself asked to look after Dave's house when he was suddenly called away after a family member needed help having broken down in a remote area. "Anything to help" she said. "I shouldn't be too long" replied Dave. "Consider yourself on the books" he added. "Not just a model, but a house sitter too" she joked. "Could be arranged" quipped Dave. He was as good as his word and soon back to take advantage of Louisa checking out her newly aquired fully fashioned stockings. Definitely worth the wait. ..


Jo May - Working Girl
"Good to see a true working girl" smiled Dave as he sipped his G & T after a hot and dusty days shooting out in the East Midlands wilds. "I beg your pardon" replied Jo, aghast at the implied definition of Dave's statement. "Oops. Not the best choice of words" said Dave in his defence "I didn't mean it like that. I just know how hard you work and you deserve a few relaxing drinks on a Friday evening after your toils. Sorry about that" he grovelled. "No offence taken" Jo re-assured him. "Talking of work, isn't it about time I appeared in one of your videos again? The extra money would come in handy, and I think you owe me one after that." Dave duly agreed and the results are a dream...


Fi - Fun & Freckles
Fi is a lovely girl. The sort you would see at the bus stop every day on your way to work, or in the office, or even next door. Her smile has adorned a thousand posters. So natural. Coupled with those endearing freckles she epitomises the quintessential English rose. Dave was smitten by her at first sight and had been talking about his forthcoming day of 'Fun & Freckles' for weeks. Of course none of us knew what he meant but all was explained on the day and I'm sure you will all agree with his analogy.


Bonnie - Belle Of The Bar
Perched on a stool at the end of the bar, Bonnie made an attractive sight for the regular drinkers at Freddies Bar. "Here she comes. Our very own Belle Of The Bar" quipped one of them as she returned from glass collecting duties, showing off her very agreeable figure to good advantage as she bent over to reach the last of them from a tray on the floor. "Don't get used to it" she replied "I'm only helping out for the night". But what a night it turned out to be as Bonnie, having been plied with whatever beverage she desired, gave the boys an impromptu show of undies, that lasted right into the early hours, and sent them home feeling somewhat uplifted. Wonder if she remembered in the morning?


Jo - Messing Around
"Hello Jo, what are you up to then?" asked Dave as he caught her adjusting her suspenders. "Oh nothing" she replied, swiftly lowering her skirt to stop him from ogling "Just messing around with these stockings" she added. "I really don't know how girls put up with having to wear these every day back in your youth. They are such a pain. They wrinkle up. Keep coming undone and are so easily laddered they must have spent fortunes replacing them" she moaned. "Ah well they were relatively cheap in those days" he explained " But no less attractive for it" he added with a grin. "Yew well that might be the case but you just keep that camera switched off if you don't mind" she demanded. "Of course" Dave replied. Little did she know it was already running. Crafty old devil...

Becky - Office Flash
"Sorry about the flash" said Dave after he had completed his photo set of Becky "I had to use a strong one because of the fading light" he explained. "No problem. I never had any worries about flash" she replied. "Or flashing for that matter" quipped Dave. " For you dear anything" she laughed, adding saucily" Nothing like a bit of an Office Flash to keep the chaps happy at work "

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