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Amy - The White Place
Amy - The White Place
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DVD020 - The Petticoat Special No.4

Becky - Pretty In Pink
"Hello Becky, welcome to the fold, you look delightful. Nice of you to dress up specially for us" said Dave. "Well I got the info from some of the other girls who said you liked all these frills and things, so I thought I'd better make an effort" replied Becky with a sweet smile. "Anything feminine, that's what we like at Oh La La. Skirts, stockings, suspenders" said Dave. "You like the Cancan?"asked Becky out of the blue "don't get excited I can't do it" she continued "but I can pretend. Look!!!" she demanded. "Oh boy, you weren't jokingl" said Dave as he ogled all the lovely undies on show. Reckon you've won him over first time Becky...and us too of course. See you soon.

Stephanie - Rural Delight
Stephanie is a country girl and loves messing around in the fields. So when Dave turned up by the gate he was a little surprised to see her in stockings and suspenders. "Didn't want you moaning at me again for not wearing stockings" she said "even though it is a hot day again" "Moan? What, me?" replied Dave indignantly "you looked gorgeous in your denim skirt and I told you so" he continued. " Yeah, but only after you'd asked me where the stockings were" she replied "anyway let's concentrate on the job in hand". "What?" said Dave "Oi, you know what I mean stop trying to twist things"she snapped. Bet he'd like to get in a twist with Steph. We know we would.

Charlie - Purple Daze
"Wow, that's a bit of a dazzler" exclaimed Dave as Charlie came strolling up the lane dressed like a Moulin Rouge dancer. "Like it then do you?" she asked. "Of course I do" replied Dave "puts me in a purple daze" he chuckled. "Oh very funny. Jimi Hendrix wasn't it?" she asked "Purple haze that was but that was my sort of play on words" he replied."Oh we are sharp today aren't we, lets see if I can put you in a real daze" laughed Charlie as her skirt went in the direction it's not supposed to. Dave was speechless. Completely dazed I think. Who wouldn't be? She is a real stunner and lovely with it.

Sandy - Red Revelation
"Hi Dave" shouted Sandy chirpily from the kitchen "be with you in a minute. Just doing a few exercises" Dave was in there like a shot, knowing she'd be dressed in petticoats and the thought that she was exercising was enough to make him move like lightning. "Oi, we're not starting yet are we" she protested. "We jolly well are" replied Dave with a lecherous grin as he caught Sandy with her leg up on the worktop. "There's just no stopping you is there?" she smiled knowingly "come on, let's go through to the lounge. I might even do a handstand or two for you." Wonderful set from Sandy. Ravishing in her red outfit.

Diana - Wet & Windy
"You dry yet?" enquired Dave as Diana stood out in the wind after a dreadful soaking earlier. "I'm getting there" replied Diana. "Better check out the rest of your clothing" grinned Dave "don't want you walking round in wet panties. You might catch a cold !" he continued "You keep your hands to yourself you old devil. Besides I just put some dry ones on" she snapped "Oh really, let's see them then" said Dave hopefully. "Patience. All in good time" Dave didn't have long to wait and the wind did it's best to help as Diana revealed the most lovely pair of knickers Dave had ever seen, and on top of those fantastic legs. Sheer perfection Diana. Just magic. Hope you weren't too cold.

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