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Honey - Summer Dressing
Honey - Summer Dressing
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Abi - Adorable

Lounging Around
Lounging around should have read whirling around, as Abi did everything possible to make sure we didn't miss a thing under her skirt by pirouetting around the lounge before slumping into the sofa. She had just posed for the 'Oh Knickers' set and was feeling frisky when they returned to the house so Dave just took advantage of the situation and came up with some great footage, short though it is.

Pink To Make The Boys Wink
"Aha, pink to make the boys wink" laughed Dave as Abi descended the stairs, her skirt going up and down like a yoyo, in dashing style. "Pink to make the boys wink? Where on earth do you get them from" she giggled 'I suppose it's another one of your made up lines" she continued. "NO, it was just something everyone used to say when my sisters were young. If they dressed in pink that is," he corrected her. "I'll take your word for it" she smiled "Harmless aren't you" she laughed sarcastically. Dave gave her his famous look, eyes squinting. It says everything. Abi smiled back and went on her way.

Millie's Little Helper
Abi is such a sweet girl, she will do anything for anyone. Millie had phoned her to say she wasn't feeling too good anbd asked if she could help her with some important orders she had to complete for a very good client. "No problem" said Abi, but she didn't realise Dave was going to be there. Of course, as soon as Abi arrived, Dave's camera was out like a shot. "Oh come on then, just afew minutes then I must get on" she asserted as she attempted to thread a needle in Millies old machine. So obliging our Abi.

Look Closely
"Come on then Dave - zoom in a bit. You won't see any detail from there." remarked Abi as Dave was keeping his distance. "I'm coming. I'm coming" he replied without thinking "kindly re-phrase that would you" she laughed. "Oh gosh, I'm sorry Abi, I wasn't thinking" Dave sniggered. "No harm done. Now come on, look closely. I'm sure all your fans will love these yellow knickers. They are so clingy and feel so good to wear" she explained. "Mmmmm. If they feel as good as they look they must be comfortable" he grinned. Old flatterer isn't he?

In The Boss's House
This was where the tale Abi & The Boss's Son took place. Adelightful little sketch that sees Abi standing and sitting on the stool as well as lying on the bed, her skirt well pulled up. Yummy yummy.

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