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How would you like your very own personal video? Sound good? You bet it is. Several customers have already taken advantage of this offer and have been delighted to a man. You decide exactly which girl you want - if available - how you would like her to be dressed, and what you would like her to do. She will even speak briefly to you from time to time. The credits at the beginning and end of the tape will state your name, the girls name and what sequence she is going to perform, especially for YOU AND YOU ONLY!

Just imagine it. Lets face it we all have our fantasies, but imagine your favourite girl, actually talking to you and telling you she is going to enact the scene you have always dreamed of. You are probably getting excited at the very thought. I know I would have done. Lets give you a few ideas :-



Well you just think up your own sequence. It's up to you. You can see all the different styles of clothing in the Video Catalogue section. Styles, colours and sizes of knickers are so varied it would be impossible to mention them all, but only YOU know what turns you on. Recent custom videos have been :- A one hour long tape of one of the girls standing over a fan in a summer dress with 4 changes of knickers.... a 15 minute video of one of the girls simply walking around with her skirt and petticoat pinned up to her shoulders....... a 15 minute video of another girl performing floor exercises in a school outfit..........30 mins of a model in various poses but with great emphasis on the bottoms up pose. The choice is endless. Prices start at £130 for 15 minutes - a whole hour starts at £330 and depending on how demanding the shoot is will increase accordingly.

Sit back and give it some thought. I'm open to all suggestions within this genre of glamour. You won't regret it and that's a promise. Mail me with your thoughts and I'll get right back to you.


A new service we offer is your very own personal photo set. You pick the theme, each individual pose, the costume where available and the girl, also where available. You choose exactly what you want right down to the shoes, stockings, panties, everything. The sets are sent to you either by email or on a CD by mail. Postage and packing will be added for mail orders.

Prices are as follows :-

UK POUNDS - 100 pics £100.00 add £5.00 for every 5 pics
USA DOLLARS - please check the current exchange rate
EUROS - as above

Important ! Cash payments can only be accepted in GB Pounds or Euros . Cheques only in GB Pounds

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13.10.07 - Video 56 hits the online video site in DivX.

4.8.07 - Why waste time when the footage is this hot?! DVD 56 is out now!

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  How would you like your very own personal video? Sound good? You bet it is. Several customers have already taken advantage of this offer and have been delighted to a man.
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